Physical Property
  1. Appearance: White or beige powder.
  2. Granulation: 100 meshes: passing percentage more than 98.5%; 80 meshes: passing percentage: 100%; and special size: 40~60 meshes.
  3. Carbonation Temperature: 280~300°C.
  4. Density: 0.25~0.70g/cm² (basically, it is 0.5g/cm² or so); Specific Gravity: 1.26~1.31.
  5. Color-Changing Temperature: 190~200°C.
  6. Surface Tension: 2% water solution: 42~56 dyn/cm.
  7. Solvency: Soluble in water and some solvents, such as: proper ratio of ethanol/water or propanol/water. Water solution has surface activity, high transparency and steady performance. Condensation temperatures are not same for products of different styles. Solvency changes subject to viscosity. The lower the viscosity is, the higher the solvency is. Moreover, the function is different for HPMC of different styles. HPMC is not affected by pH in water.
  8. HPMC is reduced when methyl content is reduced. When the condensation point rises, the water solvency lowers and the surface activity also drops.
  9. HPMC also has consistency gaining capability, salt-resistant low ash. PH stability, water conservation, size stability, good filming, extensive enzyme repression, dispersion and viscosity.
Principal Purposes

This product is an industrial HPMC, being used as a dispersing agent for making PVC and as a key auxiliary agent for making PVC; as adhesive agent and paint remover for petrochemicals, paint, building materials and powdered cement and as consistency gainer, stabilizer, emulsor, forming agent, water conservation agent and filming agent for agricultural chemicals, inks, textile & finishing, porcelain, paper making and cosmetics. Besides, due to use of synthetic resin, it can result in good granulation of the product. With good specific gravity and excellent processability, this product has really replaced PVC and PVA and is used as a dispersing agent. On the other hand, this product can be also used to lay bricks, paint plaster and fill crack for the construction industry paste tiles, marbles and PVC decoration for the decoration industry. Due to strong viscosity, the use of cement can be reduced. In the painting industry, it can be used as a consistency gainer, being able to make the painting shiny and improve leveling capability. In the medical purpose, it can be taken as medical auxiliary agent, consistency gainer, dispersing agent, emulsor and filming agent. Not only can it be used as thin film covering, but also can improve water-proofness of tablets. This product can be also used in the food industry.

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