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This product is made from imported acrylic poly-emulsion and waterproof inorganic aggregate-solidifying materials, and the emulsion accounts for 53%~55%. Since its use is simple and convenient, it is greatly helpful for the user for working at larger area. It is not necessary for the user to worry about insufficiency of material, and this material can effectively provide waterproof and leak-proof functions. Meanwhile, this product has passed test and certification by Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs, so it is very safe for the user. The product has won high praise from the customers over years.

  1. Good adhesion is extremely suitable for the cement. It can prevent concrete and cement layer neutralizing or bleaching, so the appearance of building would not be affected at all.
  2. Good durability, weather-proofness, water-proofness, flexibility and anti-aging and anti-cracking.
  3. A cement-finishing layer can be arranged on the waterproof layer for the purpose of pasting tiles or terrazzo or applying watery or oily paint because the product is capable of providing good adhesion.
  4. Good leveling and extension capacity.
  5. It is resistant to acidity and alkality, UV and high temperature and humidity.
  6. The work can be continued on wet or rainy ground, and the work quality would not be affected by the change of weather.
Applicable Scope

Internal and external wall, roof, balcony, central court, bathroom, swimming pool, pond and flower nursery.

How to Work
  1. All foreign substances, stains or dirt must be cleaned before staring the work.
  2. Inlet must be closed with tape in order to prevent the material from flowing into the pipe and to avoid blocking of pipe.
  3. Corners or pipe mouth must be applied at least twice. The work can be continued after every layer is evenly applied and until it has dried.
  4. Important waterproof area or L-shape corner of parapet wall can be lined with fiberglass net or non-woven fabric as a reinforced layer.
  5. Surface protection must be arranged onto the waterproof layer, such as: insulating layer, cement mortar layer, tile layer, terrazzo layer or painting layer. Moreover, the waterproof layer can be solely used without any protection device.
  6. When admixing resin or powder, don’t add any other substance or water.
  7. Painting layer cannot contact any liquid, such as water, paint, etc. until it dries.

Roller, trowel, brush, tooth knife, pattern knife or sprayer.

MEA Test Report
Directions for Use
  1. Mix Agent A and B at ratio of 1:1 in the bucket, and then stir it slowly and fully until it becomes paste.
  2. Don’t dilute with excessive water, otherwise it will easily affect the molding shape of the product.
  3. Wait for 3~5 minutes, and proceed with your work until it will have become steady. To brush, roll or spray will be acceptable (If it is too sticky, please add some water and stir evenly.)
  4. Any new painting work can be started only after last painting work has dried, and the suggested process is to paint 3 times.
  5. Mixed material that has not been used up must be thrown to the garbage disposal plant, and don’t throw into ditch or river at discretion.
  6. Unpacked and unmixed material shall be stored after sealing.
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