688 PROTECTIVE PAINT (Brilliant Type and General Type)

688 PROTECTIVE PAINT (Brilliant Type and General Type) ∗ 688 PROTECTIVE PAINT (Brilliant Type and General Type)

This product is basically composed of special monomer poly-acrylic PU and poly-resin, being an oily solvent. After painting, the appearance will become more shiny and prominent. With waterproof and splash-proof functions, its texture has a proper body and better flexibility and toughness after dry-molding because acrylic and poly-resin are its key components. With a special formula, its surface doesn’t tend to crack or yellow. In addition to simple and convenient use, its service life can also last longer.

  1. Colorless, clear and shiny.
  2. Outstanding adhesion and bonding force.
  3. In addition to good weather-proofness and flexibility and excellent toughness (thicker body), the paint will never yellow and crack and is waterproof.
  4. After painting, the tone becomes more glossy and prominent, and a layer of firm protective film will be formed.
Applicable Scope

This product can be used as the protective layer for the surface of stone paint, tiles, terrazzo, bricks, blocks, decorative stones, flags, wood, metal, etc. (such as: terrazzo for the external wall).


Brush, roller or sprayer.

MEA Test Report
Directions for Use
  1. The paint can be used directly.
  2. In case dilution becomes necessary, banana oil is suggested, but the upper limit is 10% or so.
  • Toluene is not suggested, because it is easy to result in deterioration and yellowing to this product due to chemical change.
  • This product doesn’t work for coastal area.
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Nowadays, “Environmental Protection Concept” has become more and more important in the world. Most of paints and coatings are detrimental to one’s health and contaminate our environment, so we have researched and developed this product, which is the only one passing test and certification (meeting certification standards of Environmental Protection Department) of Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan. In addition to easy and convenient use, this product would not affect one’s health at all, having no any side effect. This environment-friendly paint can reduce pollution to the environment, so it is safe for the user. This product is basically made from imported acrylic poly-resin, being an oily solvent. After painting, it is colorless and transparent and has a higher thickness, and its surface can always keep as shiny as new painting.

  1. Good adhesion, water-proofness, weather-proofness and anti-aging.
  2. After use, its surface is more brilliant.
  3. Excellent flexibility and toughness.
  4. No stimulation or irritation and no side effect to one’s health.
  5. Low contamination.
  6. Faster drying time.
  7. No yellowing and no crack.

Brush, roller or sprayer.

Directions for Use
  1. Before starting the work, you must clean all dirt onto the surface, such as: stain, moss, dust, etc.
  2. After cleaning the surface, in case of wood, we suggest using prime coat before starting the work.
  3. Good ventilation is important in the process of painting in order to allow the surface to be dried as soon as possible.
MEA Test Report
Certification Standards for Environmental Protection Mark
  1. The product cannot contain any formaldehyde and halogen solvent, and the contents of aromatic hydrocarbon cannot exceed 5%.
  2. The product cannot contain mercury(Hg), lead (Pb), cadmium(Cd), Arsenic(As), Antimony(Sb) and hexavalent chromium and cannot use TPT and TBT.
  3. Foreign matters in the product or total metallic contents from contaminant cannot exceed 0.1%.
  4. For the product in a spraying container, the container cannot use any substances controlled by Montreal Protocol. For the product in a metal container, the metal part cannot contain lead. For the product in a plastic container, the plastic part must show its materials.
  5. Name and address of the user of mark must be clearly indicated on the product or its packing. Where the user of mark is not a manufacturer, name and address of manufacturer must be also indicated on the product or its packing. Meanwhile, the product or its packing must show “Low-Pollution Paint”.
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