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The chess Yuan coating industry Limited company, established in 1994 promotes chairman by Zheng then gentleman to establish a chess Yuan coating in 2006.

Chairman Zheng retires from office honorably by incumbent Ms. Huang takes over chairman, at present devotes to the waterproofing material manufacture, and the international material makes the big plant to introduce the home by the OEM way, the company and arranges the correlation technique personnel and US, Japan, the Han material makes the big plant study exchange, provides the fine waterproofing material, and promotes the populace home life diligently the quality. Welcomes on this occasion to the new times start, this company by a sincerer heart, the service spirit which will grasp, the back coupling in the customer.

Requests earnestly the Taiwan end in line with to care for lovingly the friendship all along, continues to favor prepays holds with instructs, to longed. Chess Yuan coating industry Limited company

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